Given the pressing need for strategic, experiential, well-designed, and effective climate education resources for a variety of educational classrooms and contexts, this set of curriculum resources is designed to provide resources and a personal point of contact for teachers implementing climate education, in garden classrooms and elsewhere. The aim of experiential, project-based lessons is to engage students' hearts, hands and minds in climate solutions.  


I developed the first food and climate change curricula following my Master's research in the San Juan Islands, as a funded Graduate Student in Extension through U.C. Cooperative Extension. It was developed in consultation with various teachers and school administrators in the San Juans and Oakland, as well as a climate education non-profit in Minnesota (Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy), and input from UCCE.

My goal in curriculum development is to expand into additional experiential lessons for engaging students in climate education. Future offerings will include a sustainable living design-build curriculum (focused on off-grid tiny houses), and climate education centered on building integrated, sustainable food-energy-water systems.

Stay tuned, more curriculum resources coming soon! Feel free to contact me with ideas, suggestions or desires.